Easy Blackberry Cobbler

I hope you love this Easy Blackberry Cobbler as much as we do!  It’s so easy that it literally has just 5 ingredients.  Probably things you already have on hand, except maybe the fresh berries!  I have tried this with just about every fruit you can imagine–it is sooo good, yall!  The recipe card is […]

Savings habits of the ultra-wealthy.

Savings Habits of the Ultra-Wealthy

How do most millionaire’s reach this glorified status? By paying themselves first, saving, and being very disciplined.  Do not confuse saving with investing.  Saving money perhaps requires much more discipline than investing. I have been managing finances for millionaires for my entire career.  Here are some of the habits of the ultra-wealthy, that I have observed […]

Learn how to build a solid budget. Grab your free printable budget worksheet.

How to Budget Like a Millionaire

[This post may contain affiliate links.  I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking my link.] I have been building financial plans for wealthy individuals for several years now.  No matter your level of wealth (or lack thereof, in  my case), the cornerstone of a solid financial plan is building a solid budget. (Update:  Creating a […]