Why You DO NOT Want a Bigger Tax Refund This Year

If you’re getting a HUGE tax refund this year, you’ve made a major financial mistake.  You just gave the IRS an interest free loan.  Here’s how you can correct this right away.  Hint:  Your paycheck is about to increase instantly! You Should Never Aspire to Get a Bigger Tax Refund I used to be a […]

Why you should be tracking your personal net worth and how to do it! Grab your free printable Personal Net Worth worksheet!

Why You Should Track Your Net Worth

Of all the financial planning tools out there, your personal net worth is the easiest to track.  It’s a super simple calculation of Assets (what you own) and Liabilities (what you owe). Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth Your personal net worth statement can be extremely helpful to: Track the growth of your assets.  Cha-Ching. Watch […]

Learn how to invest your first dollar in 7 easy steps!

How to Invest in 7 Easy Steps (for Beginners)

Isn’t it scary investing your hard-earned cash for the first time ever?  Of course it is.  But it can actually be very easy.  I’m going to give you some pointers to hopefully remove all the anxiety that beginners often experience when putting that first dollar to work.  Follow these 7 easy steps to invest. Please […]