Here's how I paid off $18,690 in debt in just a few months. Try this method to accelerate your debt payoff plan!

How I Crushed $18,690 in Debt in a Few Months

[This post may contain affiliate links.  I may be compensated if you purchase through my links.  See disclosure.] I am in total disbelief that we managed to crush $18,690 in debt in just a few months.  It is such an amazing feeling, but unfortunately we still have a lot more to go.  I will tell you […]

Why You DO NOT Want a Bigger Tax Refund This Year

If you’re getting a HUGE tax refund this year, you’ve made a major financial mistake.  You just gave the IRS an interest free loan.  Here’s how you can correct this right away.  Hint:  Your paycheck is about to increase instantly! You Should Never Aspire to Get a Bigger Tax Refund I used to be a […]

10 Ways to Save Cash Fast

Here are some excellent tips to help you save cash fast.  Whether you’re trying to establish your emergency fund quickly or come up with cash for another reason, these methods are tried and true.  We are saving over $4,320 this year by implementing some of these.  Let’s see how much you can come up with! Cut your […]

Why you should be tracking your personal net worth and how to do it! Grab your free printable Personal Net Worth worksheet!

Why You Should Track Your Net Worth

Of all the financial planning tools out there, your personal net worth is the easiest to track.  It’s a super simple calculation of Assets (what you own) and Liabilities (what you owe). Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth Your personal net worth statement can be extremely helpful to: Track the growth of your assets.  Cha-Ching. Watch […]

Join me in the February No-Spend Challenge to accelerate your savings in 2017!

February Savings and No-Spend Challenge

I am going to try something a little different this year to reach my 2017 financial goals faster.  Ever tried a no-spend month–and failed?  Me too.  Every time.  I’m not throwing in the towel on this idea, just going to be a bit more strategic with the approach. I am declaring February a no-spend month for a […]

Savings habits of the ultra-wealthy.

Savings Habits of the Ultra-Wealthy

How do most millionaire’s reach this glorified status? By paying themselves first, saving, and being very disciplined.  Do not confuse saving with investing.  Saving money perhaps requires much more discipline than investing. I have been managing finances for millionaires for my entire career.  Here are some of the habits of the ultra-wealthy, that I have observed […]

Learn how to build a solid budget. Grab your free printable budget worksheet.

How to Budget Like a Millionaire

[This post may contain affiliate links.  I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking my link.] I have been building financial plans for wealthy individuals for several years now.  No matter your level of wealth (or lack thereof, in  my case), the cornerstone of a solid financial plan is building a solid budget. (Update:  Creating a […]