10 Ways to Save Cash Fast

I am saving over $4,300 by implementing these easy tips.  Try it!

Here are some excellent tips to help you save cash fast.  Whether you’re trying to establish your emergency fund quickly or come up with cash for another reason, these methods are tried and true.  We are saving over $4,320 this year by implementing some of these.  Let’s see how much you can come up with!

  1. Cut your cable or reduce your package.

    We aren’t ready to cut the cord entirely just yet.  My husband LOVES sports and cable is the only way we can get most of the games.  He enjoys this so much and doesn’t really splurge on anything else, so I’m okay with it.  We were able to call and review our plan with the cable company and reduced our package.  This resulted in a $27/month savings!

  2. Change your phone plan.

    I was one of the lucky few who still had an unlimited data plan for my cell.  After reviewing my usage details, we discovered that I wasn’t using much data at all (thanks to WiFi).  We changed our data plan and some other features and saved a total of $36/month.

  3. Refinance debt (auto, mortgage, etc.).

    Fortunately, we bought our house at a time when mortgage rates were at an all time low.  If you can reduce your interest rate on your mortgage, you will save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.  You won’t have to wait 30 years to feel the savings, you’ll see your monthly payment reduced right away!

    The same concept applies to auto loans.  In fact, auto loan rates can often be very competitive and some banks run “loan sales” for a few months at a time.  If you haven’t ever used a credit union, you should!  Credit unions usually have lower loan rates than banks.

  4. Ask for a lower credit card rate.

    If you carry a balance on your credit cards, you may be able to lower your rate by simply calling and asking!  You may be pleasantly surprised.  However, you should totally be working really hard at paying this debt off quickly!

  5. Cancel memberships and subscriptions (gym, newspaper, satellite radio, etc.).

    I discovered something really amazing last week.  My local library offers FREE electronic access to over 100 newspapers!  Since I work in the finance industry, I often read the Wall Street Journal (okay, I skim through it).  I cancelled my e-subscription for a savings of $33/month!

    I am also cancelling my satellite radio subscription and trying out the local stations for a while.  Hopefully I won’t have withdrawals.  This is a savings of $20/month.  I don’t even spend much time in the car listening to it anyway.

    If you have a gym membership, consider cancelling it and working out at home instead.

  6. Save on groceries by taking a list and using coupons.

    I am a list-maker by nature, but for some reason, I’m too rushed to make a grocery list.  I usually feel like I’m out of EVERYTHING, so I often wonder what’s the point of making a grocery list.  Well, I have been trying this method for the last several weeks and have saved a TON.  It’s hard to measure exactly how much, because who knows what extra stuff I would have purchased by not sticking to the list.

  7. Plan your meals out, take your lunch, and use leftovers.

    This is in line with number 6 above.  Make your meal plan so that you know exactly what to add to your grocery list.  I have been trying to make an extra serving at dinner and bringing it for lunch the next day.  Not going out to lunch has saved me well over $20/week.  I wasn’t eating out every day before, but now I make a special effort to not go out AT ALL.  This has saved me at least $100/month, easily.

    Use your leftovers to make a meal the next night.  For example, my husband cooked a huge pork roast last night.  We made pulled pork sandwiches for dinner one night, then set aside the rest of it to make carnitas the next night!  (We live in Texas ya’ll; BBQ pulled pork sandwiches and carnitas tacos are everything in the south!)

  8. Sell your old stuff.  Have a garage sale, or sell to neighbors on local swap sites.

    I have had great luck selling stuff on Ebay, mainly books and the like.  There is also a community swap site in my area that is very active on social media.  I have sold my gently used clothes, shoes, and handbags on swaps sites, making far more than I normally would selling them at a garage sale.  I sold some old handbags last week for a total of $125!

    If you have a lot of things to sell, you should go ahead and have a garage sale.  Our neighborhood has a community-wide garage sale once a year in the spring/summer, which generates a lot of traffic for us without advertising.

  9. Review your W-4 withholdings.

    If you get a huge tax refund every year, this is likely the result of overpaying via payroll withholdings.  This is the equivalent of making an interest free loan to the IRS!  Adjust your withholdings to correct this.  Be careful not to under-pay because you could end up with a huge tax bill and perhaps even penalties due.  Please ask a licensed tax professional for help with this if you’re not sure about your situation!

  10. Shop your home and auto insurance.

    This was a huge savings for us.  Many people don’t think about homeowners insurance because it is usually paid via escrow with your mortgage payment.  Do not make this mistake.  You must review your insurance coverage every year to be sure your coverage still meets your needs.  We met with our insurance agent to review our policy.  This resulted in an annual savings of over $300, or $25/month.

  11. Bonus tip:  Try a no-spend month (or weekend).

    If you haven’t tried a no-spend month, read my post here.  If you’re not ready to commit to a full month, try a no-spend weekend!

To summarize, my family was able to save well over $360 a month using the methods above.  That’s over  $4,320/year!!!

Let me know if you’re able to save some quick cash this month!  I can’t wait to celebrate your success!

13 thoughts on “10 Ways to Save Cash Fast

  1. I’m always trying to save money and always plan our groceries. Shopping online and using click and collect for our groceries really help me keep to a budget. I could be a lot better at selling our unwanted stuff though. I usually just drop it off at the goodwill or hand it on to friends but could easily make a bit of cash if I went to the effort! #KCACOLS

  2. Changing phone plan and shopping around for insurance rather than letting them auto run are fab tips. The phone plan especially, as what you think you need when you buy in is often grossly over estimated, especially with wifi everywhere!! #KCACOLS

  3. Wow! It’s crazy how fast that adds up!! We live pretty pared down but comfortable with what we can afford. We haven’t had cable for a decade!! And we do a lot of the other things you talk about too! This month we are amalgamating our cell plans and getting rid of the house phone. Saves $40/month!! Great tips 🙂 thanks for sharing on# KCACOLS

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